Devotional Essay Contest 2024

CTBC  Annual Devotional Book Essay Contest 2024 has started. Cape Town Biblical College is committed to promote the culture of reading sound theological and clasical books.

We want Christians to read devotional books with reflection on the meaning and value for Christian living. We pray that this essay writing will result in intimacy with God and deepening of faith for vibrant Christian life and witness.

The children up to the age of 16 will read any edition of John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” and write a 1000- 2000 word essay. Adults from 17 upwards will read any edition of Henry Scougal’s “The Life of God in the Soul of Man” and write a 2000-3000 word essay.

The books are available at Christian bookshops and also on internet. 

Due Date for submission: 30 April 2024.

Fill in the response form below and click send to indicate your participation.